EJ Care


Our team embodies a list of core values that defines all of us at EJ Care. The following values assist us in maintaining high-quality supported living services.

Trust is our most important value as it is essential for our service users to develop relationships with our staff; providing high-quality care would be difficult without it. This relationship assists us in determining the individual’s particular needs quickly and effectively ensuring we can help them from the beginning of their care support provision.

Our second value is reliability, which goes hand in hand with trust. Reliability ensures that our service users feel confident that they will receive the care they need when they need it. This will also help in putting their loved one’s minds at ease as our team will never waver in their commitment to providing the best care possible.

We are proud to offer support to those that need it as we believe that no one should be left behind in a complex world that’s forever evolving. We achieve this with our commitment to building a strong society by providing assistance to the individuals who need our help.

We strive to not only assist as many people as possible, but to also ensure that they have every opportunity to live their best life.

With the strong relationships built between our support staff and those that they care for, we better our society while continuously improving the effectiveness of our services. This aids us in achieving our goals and maintaining our vision which we outlined on our Vision page.

If you’re interested in learning more about our values, or if you want to enquire about our supported living care services, please view our Contact us page which will provide you with all of the necessary details.

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