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Dear Professionals

Dear Professionals……..

It’s important that you know the type of service we provide and how we do it. At EJ Care, we endeavour to assist as many people as possible by making our services accessible to all those who need it, no matter their condition or current situation. We have created care plans for those with learning disabilities, autism and other mental health issues that may hinder their ability to live a high-quality life. We provide bespoke care plans that suit each individual’s requirements to ensure that their needs are met and that our support staff are delivering the appropriate care in the most effective manner.

We always focus on our service user’s well-being and ensure that they experience the highest quality care. We offer bespoke supported living care packages as this is the best way to ensure that the services are always beneficial, rather than adding more challenges to the individual’s ability to live independently.

As we have a team of highly trained support staff in a variety of areas, we are able to offer support to a diverse group of people who need supported living care.

As a professional, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our service delivery. 

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