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Our Training

We strive to continually improve our supported living services, and this includes training our staff and support staff to ensure they have the latest knowledge and skills. Each team member at EJ Care goes through intense training so they have the tools to handle all situations they are faced with and are always prepared to provide the best care to those they are assisting.

After the initial training, we also provide our team with regular training as and when it’s required to maintain our high-quality services. Our values are always at the centre of each of our training programs.

Staff members also receive training that is specific to their role, and we provide them with extensive and comprehensive training to prepare them for our supported living care services. We have Statutory, Mandatory and Bespoke training so that all bases are covered for experiences they may have with the different people they care for. We provide behaviour management training as it’s important in our industry. We go into further detail on the trainings below.

Statutory Training

All of our team undertake statutory training to ensure they are up to date with all the necessary legal requirements for their roles. To ensure they understand not only the basics of their role, but also the more specific and intensive elements, we go beyond the minimum necessary level of training. Our statutory training goes through components including general Health and Safety to Equality and Diversity. Our team is also trained in areas of basic life support, manual handling and the safeguarding of vulnerable individuals so they have all of the necessary tools to effectively handle any situation they may encounter.

Mandatory Training

Our mandatory training goes above and beyond the minimum legal requirements that are covered in the statutory training. Our team undergoes mandatory training so they can assist those they support in the best way possible; this is knowledge specifically required for their job.

Bespoke Training

Bespoke training assists our team to understand that the needs of each individual are vastly different. This training helps them with the more particular elements of their role and those individuals they care for. Each individual will require bespoke support, and our bespoke training, with a personalised and tailored approach, will make sure that each team member encompasses the necessary skills to support those particular needs.

Behaviour Management Training

Our team members also undergo behavioural management training which equips them with the necessary skills and resources to deal with more challenging situations. The goal of behavioural management training is not only to ensure the safety of our staff, but also the wellbeing of those that they care for. Highly trained behavioural management skills are a top priority for everyone on the team.

Incorporating all of our training methods into each team members roles ensures that they are well equipped to carry out accurate procedures needed to provide high-quality care to those they support. Each training conforms to not only the legal requirements and the expected high standard we impose on ourselves, but also ensures that we exceed them. We believe that the combination of all of our training methods sets us apart from other care providers in the industry.

Our training complies with regulation, including Outcome 14, to ensure our staff receive high quality training to deliver our care services in a secure manner. We take pride in organising and planning our training programs, so they produce effective outcomes. Our training complies with the 2014 Skills for Care Certificate and every member of the team has to pass the training modules before caring for anyone.

We comprehensively train for every element of the working environment from health and safety and risk assessment to first aid and food hygiene. Our training also covers modules educating team members on how to deal with those that have learning disabilities and also infection control.

Our team are constantly communicating with our senior staff to ensure regular feedback and monitoring during their training. This ensures that communication lines are open, and that training is most effective. Our team only begin working in the field after completing all training courses and their evaluation.

If you would like to join the EJ Care team or want more information about our training programs, please get in touch with us via our Contact us page.

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