EJ Care


Our supported living services are run by highly qualified professionals with years of experience of working with people with learning disabilities, autism and complex needs. At EJ Care we believe that every person who receives care and support has the right to an independent lifestyle, in an environment that is safe and familiar, offering freedom of choice, dignity, privacy and respect.

We have extensive range of career opportunities from care and support roles such as Support Worker and Senior Support Worker, to office-based roles such as receptionists and business support administrators.

We are proud of our large team of workers that provide top-quality services to a variety of different individuals who really need effective supported living care. We have a thorough comprehensive recruitment and selection process as well as a tailored, training and development programme. The process includes enhanced DBS disclosure, satisfactory references and successful completion of your initial training programme. Our team is constantly growing, and this allows us to expand our reach to serve even more people. All of our staff love their job, and this is due to many different factors all working together to create an ideal career path for anyone that is interested in working within the Health and Social Care industry.

All of our staff go through a rigorous training procedure, and they are very rapidly equipped with the necessary skills that will allow them to go on to have an extensive and rewarding career within the industry. We offer competitive pay and benefits, the opportunity to grow and develop within the organisation and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping people to become the best that they can be. 

If you are interested in working for EJ Care, or are curious to find out more about what the job roles involve, feel free to get in touch with us today. We can let you know exactly what our staff do on a daily basis, and we can give you insight into the highly rewarding career in the industry.

In supported living care, no matter your role, you will be playing an extremely important role in our client life, and you are helping to make their life a great one. The benefits of the job are not simply the financial and social ones, but instead the biggest rewards come from the look on the face of the person for whom the entire team is supporting, as we are all helping to make their life just that little bit better.

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